The start of an exciting new phase of development at Elsby’s!

The beginning of April marks the start of an exciting new phase of development at Elsby’s!

The two offices (Rushden and Sywell) have become independent businesses and Carl Elsby has retired from his role with the Sywell office, allowing him to put all efforts into the Rushden office.This simplifies the Elsby business significantly, as it will now be a single office based in Rushden. As a further development, Claire Emery has continued her progression by stepping into the role of Managing Director, so is responsible for determining the future direction of the business. Carl and Leona Bateman will continue to make up the Partner team. Leona takes on the important role of Finance Partner whilst Carl looks forward to a slightly less pressurised role supporting the Partner team and client services.

Claire’s plans for the forthcoming year are actually to keep things really simple. She wants to build on the business strengths and invest further in promoting staff loyalty and togetherness, which in turns allows for such a strong, supportive client service.

“There is huge consolidation in the accountancy industry where most firms of a certain size are being acquired by Private Equity investors, generally for a further sale in a few years. We are already starting to see the effect on new clients, where they have lost their point of contact due to such sales having taken place. We don’t see this as beneficial to either staff or clients, and instead see the future as long-standing, loyal, warm relationships. This is the direction I want to take Elsby’s, which is really what we’ve always been about, but I want to super-charge it”, said Claire.

For our clients here in Rushden, it is business as usual, and little will change in terms of the fantastic service that you receive, other than we’ll be looking to continually improve it! We’re excited for this new chapter for Elsby, where we continue to grow and support our wonderful clients with their business and personal aspirations.

Elsby’s really are the only accountants you’ll ever need or wish to consult, throughout the lifetime of your business and beyond. 🙌

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