SEMLEP’S Recovery & Resilience Grant scheme opens

What is the Recovery & Resilience Grant Scheme?

The R&R scheme offers matched funding to businesses to invest in new technologies, plant equipment, or machinery to help businesses create employment opportunities.

The minimum grant is £5,000 and the maximum grant available is £50,000.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an SME (employ less than 250 people and your turnover is less than EUR 50m or annual balance sheet less than EUR 43m).
  • Be a trading enterprise (and have at least 1 years’ worth of accounts).
  • Be registered in the UK and have a base in the South East Midlands area.
  • Be ready to invest or expand in the local area.
  • Must not have been a company ‘in difficulty’ on 31 December 2019.
  • Must not have already received a Recovery and Resilience grant.
  • Must not be a repeat application, including from a linked company.


The SEMLEP grant is subject to available funds, so if you do meet the criteria and would like to apply, do so as soon as you can.