My week of work experience at Elsby & Co

Work Experience Week Message

This week at Elsby, we have had the pleasure of welcoming a work experience student from local school, Rushden Academy.  Maya joined us in the Rushden office after contacting us and organising her own placement, having an interest in Accounting as a future career choice. Ann Phillips, Training and Development Manager, organised a jam-packed week of learning for Maya, where she would get the opportunity to work in various different departments, in order to get a true understanding of what life is like working at a thriving and busy firm.

Here, in Maya’s own words, is how she got on during here work experience placement.

My Story

I was informed by my school in February 2023, to find work experience for the week commencing 3rd of July. Following this, as a year 10 student, I had to create a CV to show to our desired company we had chosen, with a cover letter too. Knowing that we had to find a few companies to email / contact to see if they offered work experience to students, I started to have a think about what I wanted to do. The following evening, I spoke to family and friends about what I want to be when I am older, I was quite set on the idea of being an Accountant. A family friend told me to contact Elsby and Co (their office in Rushden) as she had used them previously so I created my CV and sent a cover letter with it on an email to Elsby.

Elsby were the only company I had heard about at the time, I looked at other accountancy firms in the area, and then sent out emails to them too. However, Elsby and Co were the only company to email me back and were very quick with their response. They told me that they would be very happy to take me on for work experience. I was very pleased with the response given and how quickly I had got it back. Close to my starting date, Elsby and Co sent me a welcome pack containing a notepad and pen, post-it notes, wireless charger, a letter with information on dress code and timings to arrive and when I finish. Another thing in the pack was a laminated sheet with information on where I would be on each day with who I’ll be working with and timings for my daily overviews.

My week

Although I originally said in my email to Elsby that I would like to gain experience in accounting, they then set up for me to go in different departments of the services they offer to see what they do and how their work then benefits other departments within the company. The departments I worked in were – Admin on Monday, Payroll and Bookkeeping on Tuesday, Marketing on Wednesday, and Accounts on Thursday and Friday.

During the days, I was talked through on how to use Elsby’s different software and were able to use them for things like agent authorisation, billing decisions (raising invoices on their software and sending them to clients to bill them), booking in meetings for staff to meet clients, checking and publishing invoices, learning about the different types of accounting (cash and standard), learning about VAT, completing bank reconciliation and many other sectors.

What I like about Elsby & Co

From my time at Elsby & Co, I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the week as I always had something to learn or to do which thoroughly interests me. During my week, everyone was very polite by holding doors open for others, saying hello and asking how people are, and even just smiling at each other when walking past – it seems like a great place to work.

With my daily overviews at the end of each day, I was asked everyday how I found things and how the team I worked with that day showed me information and if they went through things in detail for me to understand. At the end of the day, I was also asked about what I had learnt which to me, showed that they have a genuine interest in what I had learnt that day and how I felt by also asking me for a rating on how I felt about that sector to see if it was something I was really interested in and if it is something that would suit me in the future.

All of these small touches made me feel really welcomed at Elsby’s and made me feel very comfortable when asking questions and going through things. With these touches, I was very pleased by the end of the day, and this made me very motivated into learning what was to come throughout the week.

Overall, I would highly recommend Elsby & Co to family and friends or anyone that needed help with accounts, bookkeeping and management accounts, tax returns and planning and the many other services they offer!

Maya – Year 10, Rushden Academy