Ground-breaking accountancy firm helps clients with recruitment

A Northamptonshire accountancy firm which prides itself on offering far more than the traditional compliance service provided by most accountancy companies is helping its clients to drive forward their recruitment plans. During the past few years, Elsby & Co has nearly doubled its workforce thanks to its relationship with fellow Northamptonshire-based firm, recruitment consultancy Exceda.

Exceda has helped Elsby to grow by finding it good candidates and overhauling its recruitment and retention policies, so it secures and keeps the right people. The relationship has proved so successful for Elsby, its team now signposts clients it identifies as in need of recruitment help to Exceda so they can also benefit from its advice.

Partner Carl Elsby said: “I often feel that traditional recruitment agencies are trying to fill vacancies as quickly as possible to get their fee whether the person is right or wrong. With Exceda it’s not like that. They want to place the right person with you.”

He continued, “Successfully growing our workforce has meant our senior team has more time to focus on business development and our services and the complementary businesses we’ve launched as a result are helping our clients to thrive. This is why we see Exceda as a key part of our own growth plan and we realised they could help our clients to grow too. It’s unusual for accountancy firms of our size to put clients in contact with recruitment experts but knowing our clients can speak to Exceda reassures us they have somebody who has their best interests at heart.”

Carl Elsby and Nikki Sargent discussing Recruitment strategies


Exceda is owned by Nikki Sargent who has worked in recruitment for around 20 years, across a range of industries. She works with a variety of clients, including Elsby and its customers, on permanent contract recruitment for roles at all levels.

Nikki said: “The most important thing in a competitive market is candidate experience. From the outset when candidates make an enquiry to their induction and onboarding – the whole process has got to be slick. Candidates will often have two or three job options and the experience they have with a company will be the differentiator. If you make them feel special that can make all the difference.”

Exceda offers a flexible payment model to clients, a retainer contract for firms with regular recruitment needs and can help companies with their recruitment and retention policies.

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