What we're about

In short, we are about seeing the potential in our team - and rewarding them accordingly – and that is why you should really consider Elsby & Co as your next career move.

Market leaders in salary – to get the best, you have to pay the best. We have made a commitment to pay more than our competitors.

A bonus for ALL employees – every member of our team is entitled to a profit related bonus after a year with Elsby and Co. Spend it on a car, a holiday, or invest in your home – it is yours to do with as you want. We want everyone to feel ‘invested’ and that if you work hard, you will get a lot back!

Varied role – with responsibility – our accountants are trained in everything needed to look after a client (accounts, tax, and lots more), and work on the same clients, building relationships, progressing, and helping our clients all the time. It is great variety, and huge job satisfaction!

What glass ceiling? There are no obstacles to progression. Two working mums are partners at Elsby and Co – and the other two are working dads. Recently two of our accountants were also promoted while on maternity leave.

Agile working – this has become very fashionable since the arrival of COVID-19, but we have been a big fan of remote and flexible working for some time because ultimately, it is all about trust.

Career progression – promotions happen when they are merited (there is no having to wait for a vacancy), and we actively ensure that people’s roles progress all the time. For those with partnership aspirations, yes please! Many accountancy firms avoid new partners like the plague, but we want them – it is all a big part of our plan.

Training and development – While we are committed to traditional ways of learning, we are also big on our team learning on the job, taking on responsibility and being adept at managing clients early on in their career. We like putting numbers in boxes – but not people!