Our Core Competencies

As our culture and ethos is so important to us, we have a set of core competencies that we look for in candidates when we are recruiting. These are particularly valuable when we are looking for trainees to join us as it gives us a way to measure someone’s suitability before they have any tangible accounting experience.

At interview stage we will assess the below competencies through a variety of different methods.

We call them the 3P’s:


  • Articulate – Are you able to communicate well and explain yourself clearly and concisely
  • Conscientious – Can you demonstrate that you are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure you complete a task
  • Well-presented – Dressed appropriately for a working, client-facing environment


  • Intellect – A solid academic performance 
  • Commitment – Able to demonstrate that you are diligent and dedicated 
  • Aptitude – A natural ability with numeracy & data


  • Driven – Able to demonstrate that you are ambitious and want to progress in your career
  • Positive – Having a cheerful and happy demeanour, good sense of humour and fit well into the Elsby culture
  • Flexible – Able to demonstrate that you can adjust to different working situations, different types of people and all the different aspects of the technical work.