Case study - Sarah Kite AAT, ACCA - Client Manager

Case study - Sarah Kite AAT, ACCA - Client Manager img

Like most school leavers, I had to make a decision on what to do next. A-levels was the obvious choice but I needed a 3rd choice and accountancy for me was just an “I’ll give it a go” option. Well, I was hooked. I know that sounds corny but it’s the truth. The sense of achievement I got from balancing a balance sheet was amazing.

After completing my A-levels, I started on my AAT qualification whilst working for my parent’s small taxi firm. I realised I needed more business experience so started working for a car hire company. I was so dedicated to my accountancy that I completed my AAT without any experience in the industry whilst funding it myself. I then made the move into the accountancy industry, working for a property management company.

I began studying for my ACCA qualification and then later decided I needed a broader range of experience to assist with my studies. I was very fortunate that I was able to move from industry into practice. Since then I have built my career (whilst having a family) working in small-medium sized accountancy practices and can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I love it.

Sarah Kite with memebers of the team

When I decided to move on from my last firm I was looking for a new role to progress my career further, Elsby & Co were one of many opportunities available. What appealed to me about this firm was the reputation they had for supporting and encouraging career development, their friendly relaxed atmosphere and the way they reward their staff. This was obvious having met the partners and reception staff at my interviews. I felt very relaxed and welcomed.

Starting a new job can be a scary and daunting experience as you have to settle into a new culture and way of doing things, but everyone at Elsby & Co, from the bottom to the top, made me feel very welcome by being friendly and helpful on my first day and every day since.

Since that time, I have made some great friends and have excellent relationships with many of the clients. In such a short space of time, my technical knowledge and business acumen has improved, from the training and support I have received from the partners and internal & external training providers. My hard work has recently been rewarded with a promotion to Client Manager, after just a year of being here.

It is always a tough decision to make when thinking about moving jobs and not one I have done many times in my career, however, I do not regret my decision on this occasion. If you are looking for somewhere to further develop your career whilst working with a lovely group of people, then Elsby and co is the place for you.