Case study - Alex Hazell - Work Experience

Case study - Alex Hazell - Work Experience img

I am a current undergraduate student at the University of Leicester, studying BSc Accounting and Finance, entering my final year in September. After a successful first year studying BA Management Studies, I found that I really enjoyed the financial side of business, and envisaged a rewarding and challenging career in accounting. I then switched to the BSc Accounting and Finance degree for my second year, and started to search for internships to carry out in the summer.

I was soon presented with a fantastic opportunity to work for Elsby & Co in their Sywell main office, for 9 weeks as a paid intern, and after my second interview I found out that I had been chosen for the role. I was delighted, as this role promised to offer a range of tasks that would help me to gain as much experience as possible in accounting practice in 9 weeks.

So far it has certainly lived up to that, as I have been thrown in to carry out accounts preparation and production, completed tax returns and VAT returns as well as more. This was exactly what I wanted, and I have learnt so much that will no doubt help with my degree. On top of this, I couldn’t have asked for a better team, or a nicer welcome. Everyone has been fantastic and extremely happy to help at any point. I know for a fact I won’t want to leave when it comes to the end of my internship, so thanks again Elsby for the fantastic experience and opportunity.