#MONEYTALKS is a finance workshop aimed at 16-18 year old school pupils.

Some of the pupils who attended our workshop

Does your 18 year old know how much rent is?

How about the cost of credit repayments?

Probably not

Our Head of Resourcing, Kate Smart, is getting involved with helping the next generation..

#MONEYTALKS is a finance workshop aimed at 16-18 year old school pupils

Elsby & Co want to help local schools to educate their students on finances and how the choices they make now can affect them in later life.

The idea is to raise awareness of finance after school; whether that be at university or in the work place. It includes how to get the best from saving, different types of credit and the implications of not looking after your finances. The format is a short presentation by us, followed by an interactive workshop and concluding with pupil presentations and a prize giving.

“The best finance workshop we have had at the school. The children were engaged and I enjoyed listening to them debating with so much passion – a huge thankyou to Elsby & Co for delivering it”

Mr Ditchburn - Guilsborough Academy

“We were delighted to have Elsby & Co at the school, the kids enjoyed it immensely and they were very impressed with the prizes. A meaningful and useful insight into budgeting post education”

Shuttlewood – Moulton School

The Workshop:

Pupils get a budget for the month than they have to manage their expenses, which are both being serious and fun, for example, ‘Essential Stuff’ like rent, food and credit repayments, as well as ‘Selfie Stuff’ like days out, new shoes, music downloads etc. They will decide how to spend it and there will be a bank and a loan company to borrow from if they wish.

It is judged on which team made their money last and spent wisely (maybe even saved some!) while eating, covering essentials and enjoying themselves. It is based on the average income/expenditure student/school leaver.

The cost?

Nothing! It’s completely free and we even include the prizes.

“I hadn’t really thought about all the cost of things when I left school, it was a lot more than I expected!”

Pupil – Moulton School

“The workshop was actually really fun and interesting, plus we learnt about budgeting, which is useful for when I leave school”

Pupil – Guilsborough Academy

Why are we doing it?

Kate has many years’ experience in recruitment, training and development. She works closely with local schools and universities delivering a variety of employability skills lectures as well as direct student mentoring and advice on how to best present themselves and their skills once they leave education. It is this experience that led to the birth of #moneytalks. At Elsby & Co we take a particular interest in the progression of school leavers and graduates, offering a number of training opportunities ourselves, as well as providing these workshops and other training platforms to better prepare them for adulthood. We feel we have a social responsibility to help to develop them where we can.


Get in touch with Kate on 01604 678470 / kate.smart@elsbyandco.co.uk